Trump and Biden predict win but election goes to wire - BBC News

Follow our live Coverage Results suggest a tight race in key states, with the candidates needing 270 electoral college votes to secure the presidency Donald Trump is so far projected to hold 21 states, including Texas and must-win Florida, having outperformed pollsters' predictions Challenger Joe Biden could snatch Arizona, while securing a host of reliably Democratic states, projections suggest Mr Biden tells supporters in Delaware the election is "not over until every ballot is counted" and insists: "We are on track to win" Mr Trump accuses the Democrats of trying to "steal" the election and tweets he will make a statement later, declaring: "A big win" The battlegrounds in the Midwest and Rust Belt of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin could go either way The US is on course for its highest turnout in more than a century and counting in some states will not finish on election night

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